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Winter 2015

AWIS Magazine covers topics important to women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine fields. Topics include career advancement, work-life balance, the state of science and technology, women’s wellness, and AWIS’ political and

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16 association for women in science | winter 2015 "W hat is the first thing that comes to mind when I say business networking?" This is one of the questions I ask my training participants or clients, and the responses I get vary from "wine and dine," "overwhelming," "business cards" and "elevator pitch" to "tiring" and "do not like." Rarely do I hear positive perspectives like "meeting new people," "learning new trends" and "having fun." In fact, most of the respondents tell me outright that they dislike networking, since they do not want to end a long work day in a room of unknown people talking about themselves and their work. Others say that they find it awkward to initiate small talk, or enter and exit groups. Whatever the reason, this important career development activ - ity has attracted a negative reputation. However, the most successful people I have met in the business world are the ones who have realized that this is one of the most significant tools for personal and professional develop- ment. They have made networking a way of life — and they love it. Why? Because they have learned and understood a few secrets about this so-called task. Here are a few things they know: 1. Networking Does Not Have to be "Wine and Dine" Let's take a pause and ask ourselves: Who made the rule that you need to network over a glass of wine in a conference/ball- room and exchange business cards? Successful people know instead that networking can happen your way, at your time careerplaybook networking a way of life Painless Business Networking 3 Things Highly Successful People Know about This Crucial Career Tool By Nidhi Kush Shah Founder and Director of Alchemy Consulting

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